WE PROPOSE A CULTURE EXCHANGE: (garbage for garbage) (Original 1968

WE PROPOSE A CULTURE EXCHANGE: (garbage for garbage) (Original 1968 flyer)

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New York: Self published, 1968. Vintage double sided flyer promoting one of the best-known direct actions of the Dadaist anarchist protest group Up Against the Wall Motherfucker, a.k.a. The Motherfuckers. The flyer shows an image of a conductor in front of an open casket, surrounded by an orchestra interspersed with garbage. The verso implores the public to bring garbage to the Lincoln Center to disrupt the opening gala of a "cultural event" there, claiming that if America was going to make Vietnam and the rest of the world into garbage then they should have to suffer the same fate. The event was documented in a 1968 newsreel entitled "Garbage." The Motherfuckers descended from an art group known as Black Mask, created by painter Ben Morea and poet Dan Georgakas during an anti-Vietnam art protest in January 1977, and thought that revolutionary art should be available to all. They are also known for cutting the fences at Woodstock, and their influence can be seen in various later protest groups, including the Yippies and the Weather Underground. 8.5 x 11 inches. Mimeograph duplication. Fine condition.

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