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Philadelphia: 1797. Extremely scarce surviving remnant of an important document signed, 1.75 x 7.75 inches, no date, but almost definitely at the height of his problems in 1797, when Bache decided to sell Benjamin Franklin's house, probably fearing the Federalists would burn it down, in full: "(I) bargain and sell all and every part of my real estate in Philadelphia or elsewhere in Pennsylvania and most especially those two three story brick mansions and the lots of ground on which they are erected on Franklin Place." On the back, Bache has signed the sale. Very good condition. Bache, an anti-Federalist, was the favorite grandson of Benjamin Franklin, who raised him. Bache attacked George Washington and John Adams, leading to the destruction of his inherited printing business, the burning down of his house and several severe beatings. He died at age 28, succumbing to the yellow fever epidemic.

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