Report of the Select Committee of the House of Representatives to Inquire Into the Alleged Violations of the Laws Prohibiting the Importation of Contract Laborers, Paupers, Convicts, and Other Classes, Together with The Testimony, Documents and Consular R

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Washington: Government Printing Office, 1889. [4], 799, [1], 157, [5] pages. Illustrations. Footnotes. Tables. Folding charts. Index of Names. Index to Subjects. Cover has wear and soiling. Endpapers soiled. This was the Report: [To accompany bill H. R. 12291.] The Select Committee to Inquire into the Importation of Contract Laborers, Convicts, Paupers, Etc., having completed their investigation, respectfully report... The two principal acts regulating immigration were those of 1882 and 1885. The committee held hearings/sessions in New York City, Boston, Pittsburgh, and Detroit. A great may witnesses were sworn and a large amount of testimony was taken, which was submitted with the Report. The great majority of immigrants were received at the port of New York. During the fiscal year 1888 the number of immigrants landing at the different sea-ports of the United States was 546,889. 418,423 (about 76 per cent) came via the port of New York. It was shown that many criminals had been sent to the United States by officials of the European Governments. The investigation showed that a number of paupers had been admitted to the United States. The enforcement of provisions of law against the importation of contract laborers was proving difficult. The members of the committee, including those presenting the views of the minority, "agrees with the majority of the committee in reaching the conclusion that some law should be enacted which would, more effectually than the present laws, restrict and if possible stop entirely the influx into the United States of all such persons who, instead of benefiting out country, as the large majority of immigrants undoubtedly, are a direct source of evil in many ways." The minority thought 'that a large number of people who now fill our poor-houses, insane asylums, hospitals, and other charitable institutions, as well as the horse of the most ignorant, most wretched, and lease desirable people of certain parts of Europe, who now crowd some of our largest cities, and whose presence enables selfish employers of labor to force and keep down the wages of American laborers, both native and adopted, should never have been admitted to land in the United States." Presumed First Edition, First printing. Good.

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