Advanced Simulation and Computing; Computing Strategy

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Washington DC: National Nuclear Security Administration, Defense Programs, Office of Advanced Simulation & Computing, 2013. ii, 22 pages. Illustrations (color). Acronyms. Updated Lessons Learned. ASC National Work Breakdown Structure. Cover has slight wear and soiling. This was issued by Sandia National Laboratories for NNSA's Office of Advanced Simulation & Computing as SAND 2013-3951P. The Advanced Simulation and Computing Program (or ASC) is a super-computing program run by the National Nuclear Security Administration, in order to simulate, test, and maintain the United States nuclear stockpile. The program was created in 1995 in order to support the Stockpile Stewardship Program (or SSP). The goal of the initiative is to extend the lifetime of the current aging stockpile. The majority of ASC's research is done on super-computers in three different laboratories. After the United States' 1992 moratorium on live nuclear testing, the Stockpile Stewardship Program was created in order to find a way to test, and maintain the nuclear stockpile. In response, the National Nuclear Security Administration began to simulate the nuclear warheads using supercomputers. As the stockpile ages, the simulations have become more complex, and the maintenance of the stockpile requires more computing power. Over the years, due to Moore's Law, the ASC program has created several different supercomputers with increasing power, in order to compute the simulations and mathematics. Presumed First Edition, First printing. Very good.

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