Speech by the Prime Minister Mr. Winston Churchill to the

Speech by the Prime Minister Mr. Winston Churchill to the Pilgrim Society, March 18, 1941

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New York: The British Library of Information, 1941. This leaflet is the first edition, only printing, of Churchill's 18 March 1941 address to the Pilgrims Society (erroneously printed as "Pilgrim Society" on the leaflet cover). Founded in 1902, the Pilgrims Society is an Anglo-American organization whose objective is "the encouragement of Anglo-American good fellowship". Churchill addressed the Pilgrims Society on 18 March to welcome the new American Ambassador to the United Kingdom, John. G. Winant, in the wake of the passage of the Lend-Lease Act by the U.S. Congress. "We welcome you here, Mr. Winant, at a moment when the great battle in which your government and nation are deeply interested is developing its full scope and severity... Mr. Winant, you come to us at a grand turning point in the world's history." John "Gil" Gilbert Winant (1889-1947) was the 45th U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom. He succeeded the pro-appeasement Joseph Kennedy and marked a decidedly different, pro-Britain, pro-alliance perspective than his predecessor. Upon arriving in England on 2 March 1941, Winant announced "I'm very glad to be here. There is no place I'd rather be at this time than in England." Churchill would conclude his 18 March 1941 welcoming remarks to Winant "You, Mr. Ambassador, share our purpose. You'll share our dangers. You'll share our interests. You shall share our secrets. And the day will come when the British Empire and the United States will share together the solemn but splendid duties which are the crown of victory." Less than nine months after Churchill gave this speech, Winant was with Churchill when the latter learned of the attack on Pearl Harbor, precipitating formal U.S. entry into the war. Winant would serve as U.S. Ambassador until 1946. Winant reportedly had an affair with Churchill's daughter, Sarah. Both of Winant's sons served in WWII, John. Jr. as a B-17 pilot in the Eighth Air Force who became a prominent German prisoner of war. This first edition, only printing of Churchill's 18 March 1941 speech is a four-page folded paper leaflet measuring 9 inches tall x 6 inches wide. This is one of a series of Churchill's speeches printed by the British Library of Information in New York. As do most in the series, this edition bears a cover design featuring 3 vertical rules along the right side and a coat of arms at the top right. Condition is very good. The paper is bright and crisp, though with a tiny bump to the lower front corner, a faint suggestion of creasing at the upper front corner, and a tiny stain at the extreme top edge as well as a small rust stain at the upper left side of the front cover where this leaflet apparently lay against another, staple-bound pamphlet, causing offsetting. This leaflet is protected in a removable, archival mylar sleeve. Reference: Cohen A144, Woods A68. First edition, only printing.

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