Considerazioni, ed esperienze intorno al creduto cervello di bue impietrito

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Padua: Manfre, 1710. 10 fine copperplates, 8 folding, 51pp., tall 8vo. Padua: G. Manfre, 1710. BOUND WITH THE SAME AUTHOR'S Considerazioni, ed esperienze intorno alla generazione de'vermi ordinari del corpo umano. 4 folding copperplates. 160pp., tall 8vo, full contemporary calf, extra-gilt spine (rubbed). Padua: G. Manfre, 1710. Very good (+). Two works by the celebrated Italian physician and professor of theoretical medicine at Padua. The first is his treatise on the generation of parasites of man, part of his important research that supported Francesco Redi's attack on the doctrine of spontaneous generation. A man of wide scientific interests, Vallisnieri also made fundamental contributions to embryology, parasitology, geology and comparative anatomy. His second work, in fact, is an atlas of the dissected brain of an ox. "In comparison with contemporary scientific thought, Vallisnieri's work has a very modern character. Following...the way opened by Galileo...and Francis Bacon...he rejected Scholastic knowledge and trusted solely in direct observation and in experiments". He considered man to be related to animals and his remarkable ideas on this subject were forerunners of evolutionary concepts. DSB XIII 564. Blake, p. 468. Hirsch V 699. Biog. Med. VII 394. First Edition. very good(+).

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