EPISTOLAE IAPANICAE, DE MULTORUM IN VARIJS INSULIS GENTILIUM Ad Christi Fidem Conversione. Illustrissimo Principi Domino D. Guiliel. Bauariae Duci dicatae. AccelBit demum Rerum Verborum Index Locupletissimus

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(Louanii: Apud Rutgerum Velpium sub Castro Angelico cum Privilegio Regno, 1570), VERY RARE, EXTREMELY EARLY ACCOUNTS OF WESTERN INTERACTION WITH JAPAN AND ASIA. THE WRITINGS DATE FROM 1549 TO THE 1560'S. Early Printing. 12 leaves with woodcut title border, figurative initials, and printer's device at the end. 8vo [14.5cm x 505cm], ihandsomely bound in full antique vellum over stiff boards, the spine lettered in calligraphic manuscript. 402 pp. A handsome and well preserved copy in attractive fine vellum, p. 51/52 upper blank edge restored, some minor occasional browning and at the end of the book, very light evidence, now faded away, of damp from long ago.

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