Povorotnyi punkt v istorii Evreiskago rabochego dvizheniia [The turning point in the history of Jewish workers' movement]. Izdanie soiuza russkikh sotsialdemokratov [A publication of the Russian Socialist-democrats]

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Geneva: Rabkine, 1900. Octavo (16 11 cm). Original staple-stitched self-wrappers; 22 pp. Very good. This pamphlet contains a speech by the leader of the Mensheviks and a mentor of Leon Trotsky, Yuliy Osipovich Martov (1873-1923). The speech, delivered at the May meeting of agitators in 1895 in Vilna, is dedicated to the goals of the social democratic movement among Jewish workers, a major force in the labor movement in the Russian Empire. The Jewish Labor Bund, was formed as a political party in Vilna two years later, in 1897. Martov, along with Trostky were among the top Jewish Marxist leaders who placed social struggle above Jewish nationalism. In his speech Martov salutes the turning point in the Jewish worker's movement, in its shift from small scale Bund organizing to joining the larger struggle. In 1898, The Bund became the founding member of Russian Social Democratic Labor Party (RSDRP), the party of Lenin, until the split between Mensheviks and Bolsheviks in 1903, with Lenin taking the side of the Bolsheviks. Originally Martov was a close colleague of Lenin, with whom he founded a political journal Iskra in 1900 while living in exile in Munich. Eventually, the two split over tactical questions with Lenin leading the Bolsheviks and Martov becoming the leader of the Mensheviks. The rear wrapper contains a catalog of the Union of Russian Socialist Democrats. Scarce in the trade.

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