White Shift; Populism, Immigration, and the Future of White Majorities

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New York: Abrams Press, 2019. vi, 618 pages. Illustrations. References and Notes. Index. Some highlighting noted. Eric Peter Kaufmann (born 11 May 1970) is a Canadian professor of politics at Birkbeck College, University of London. He is a specialist on Orangeism in Northern Ireland, nationalism, political demography and demography of the religious/irreligious. He received his BA from the University of Western Ontario in 1991. He received his MA from the London School of Economics in 1994 where he subsequently also completed his Ph.D. in 1998. Kaufmann was lecturer in comparative politics at the University of Southampton from 1999 to 2003. He was a fellow at the Belfer Center, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, for 2008-09. Kaufmann joined Birkbeck College, University of London, in 2003. He became professor of politics there in 2011. This is the century of whiteshift. As Western societies are becoming increasingly mixed-race, demographic change is transforming politics. Over half of American babies are non-white, and by the end of the century, minorities and those of mixed race are projected to form the majority in the UK and other countries. The early stages of this transformation have led to a populist disruption, tearing a path through the usual politics of left and right. Conservative whites are unlikely to exit quietly; their feelings of alienation are already redrawing political lines. In this groundbreaking book, Kaufmann examines the evidence to explore ethnic change in North American and Western Europe. Tracing four ways of dealing with this transformation "fight, repress, flight, and join" he charts different scenarios. If we want to avoid more radical political divisions, he argues, we have to open up debate about the future of white majorities. Deeply thought provoking, enriched with illustrative stories, and drawing on detailed and extraordinary survey, demographic, and electoral data, Whiteshift will redefine the way we discuss race in the twenty-first century. First Printing [Stated]. Good.

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