Paediatrics and Darwinism. A collection of three rare articles, published between 1891-93. 1: Darwinism in the Nursery. A rare article from the Nineteenth Century, 1891. 2: The meaning of a baby's footprint. Comparative anatomy, the human foot is primaril

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London: Henry S. King, 1891. A member of the Metaphysical Society : Louis Robinson, 1857-1928, was a 19th-century English physician, paediatrician and author. An ardent evolutionist, he helped pioneer modern child medicine during the later Victorian era, writing prolifically in journals on the emerging science of paediatrics. Active in scientific debate, Robinson was critiqued in some parts of the press for his outspoken evolutionary views in the wider debate between scientific theories of human origin and the religious view. Drawing on his extensive research, Robinson's interest in evolution was expressed in a series of articles. A keen practitioner as well as theorist, Robinson was one of the first doctors of his era to conduct experiments with young babies, testing over sixty subjects immediately after birth on their power of grip (Wikipedia). The Metaphysical Society existed between 1868 and 1880, and was the creation of James Knowles, the publisher of the Nineteenth Century journal. Many of the early contributors to The Nineteenth Century were members of the Metaphysical Society. The journal was intended to publish debate by leading intellectuals. In 1901, the title was changed to The Nineteenth Century and After. Its interests were the belief in science, immortality of the soul, morality, miracles, Christianity, etc. Explaining the demise of the Metaphysical Society, Tennyson remarked it was because after ten years of strenuous effort no one had succeeded in even defining metaphysics, whilst according to Dean Stanley, 'We all meant the same thing if we only knew it'. 35 Pages. Quantity Available: 1. Category: Nineteenth Century Magazine; Metaphysical Society; Special Interest; New Arrivals; Collections. Inventory No: 304823. This item is potentially heavy when packed and may require more postage than the rates shown. If extra postage is required we will contact you before processing your order and you will be given the details and option to decline the extra cost. First Edition. Very Good.

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