On the Brink; Defense, Deficits, and Welfare Spending

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New York: Ramapo Press, National Strategy Information Center, Inc, 1984. xv, [3], 153, [5] pages. Charts. Tables. Notes. Cover has some wear and soiling. Introduction by Peter G. Peterson. James L. Clayton served the History Department and the University of Utah with the highest distinction for forty years. He published six books and nearly two-dozen articles on a variety of topics, particularly in U.S. economic history. His classes on American Constitutional History, Economic History, and the Nature and Functions of Law were legendary among our students. Excellence in the classroom brought him the Distinguished Honors Professor Award, the University of Utah Distinguished Teaching Award, and a University Professorship. In addition, Jim served as director of the Honors Program, Dean of the Graduate School, and University Provost. The data presented in Dr. Clayton's study demonstrate that no evidence can be found for trade-offs in past years between defense spending and benefit programs. Dr. Clayton surveyed several alternate views concerning the policies and objectives of the Soviet Union. He concluded that the available evidence did not support those who argued that the actions of Moscow were basically defensive and non-threatening. Dr. Clayton warned that the possible danger deriving from the obvious trends in Soviet defense investment cannot be easily dismissed. Dr. Clayton made the case that all sectors should contribute to the necessary budgetary restraint, and suggests changes in the indexing methods for benefit programs not requiring a means test. Dr. Clayton proposed the adoption of several new tax measures, among them a special defense tax. He further argued that more taxes should be consumption based rather than tax structures that penalized savings. Presumed First Edition, First printing. Good.

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