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How to Win the Masses: The Problem of Mass Support

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New York: Non-Partisan Institute of Socialistic Research, (1944), Wraps. 16 p. Baldwin advocates the employment of mass psychology in socialist propaganda. "The fascists, " he states, "have appealed to the emotions, the superstitions, and prejudices of the masses. As the existence of the second world war proves, the appeal to emotions has been much more effective than the appeal to reason in gaining an almost unanimous support of the masses." He suggests adoption of the propaganda techniques of Father Coughlin in order to defeat the radio priest. He further suggests: "Why not attempt to create some kind of 'Superman' or 'Dick Tracey' (sic) or 'Little Orphan Annie' which is apt to call the attention of the workers to certain problems VERY MUCH MORE than the prolix leaflets which are thrown away by the prospective readers without being read? And in general one can say that these leaflets deserve such a destiny"

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