Decorative Arts and Household Furnishings in America, 1650-1920: An Annotated Bibliography

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Winterthur, Del: Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum, 1989. Red cloth. 392 pp. No illus. This bibliography provides access and orientation to the study of household furnishings used in the United States from the seventeenth to the early twentieth century. A useful bibliography on 21 specific aspects of decorative arts and household furnishings. Each section contains an essay that outlines the development of scholarship in the field and points toward new directions for research and is followed by annotated entries on the most significant works. Three chapters present the basic reference tools and surveys of art and architecture. These are followed by a series of chapters devoted to types of objects (furniture, metals. ceramics and glass, textiles, and timepieces), thematic chapters that focus on function, and topical chapters that address craftsmen and craft movements. An author and title index concludes the book. VG.

ISBN: 0912724196

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