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Autobiography by Old Moneyless and Part 2, His Prescription for Century 21 (cover title: Old Moneyless and Prescription) Illus. with photos

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No place (Elida, N.M.?): Self-published, ca. 1966, 156 p. McCowen, a New Mexico newspaper editor and reformer, attempted to form a cooperative colony at Elida, N.M. during the Depression. He ran for the N.M. legislature in 1932 but was "overwhelmingly defeated." His "Moneyless Government or Why and Why Not?" was published in 1933. He was, according to Robert S. Fogarty, an "original thinker," but derived some of his ideas from Howard Scott and Ralph Borsodi. For more on McCowen, see Fogarty's "Dictionary of American Communal and Utopian History" 1st ed.

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